100..MEDIUM to LARGE, NATURAL and FORMAL WATER GARDENS, some with moving water, some still and tranquil. Essex-York's-Kent-Surrey-Suffolk-Midlands-Wales-Devon-Edinburgh-Bath-Berks-Lanc's

Chapter Two of Ten...Before-During-After

Ref Brittany...so natural that it looks like it's always been there, but of course it hasn't, again it's actually 100% manmade.

To get something to look as natural as this requires a great deal of experience and even over such a large area, lots of attention to detail, and of course the ability to know what (and how) to plant.

But of course just to be able to plant to get a natural effect requires you to know how to dig the hole out correctly. I get called to so many disasters where the people say, "Well we had a JCB in doing some other work and we thought we'd ask him to dig a pond for us, it only cost us 500, and look we can't plant anything because etc, etc, etc". Well of course it's a disaster, a digger driver hasn't a clue about a naturalistic "hole" which has to be dug to create environments, to him a hole is a hole!

I was recently called out to look at one that will cost 40,000 to put right!

Coming up at the end of Chapter Three, an example of a horror built by one of the many landscapers out there that will try to convince you that they know what they are doing! Even a small project should only be left to an expert, the risks of it going wrong are huge. For more details and lots more disasters that I've been called to look at/put right, go to my "Horrors and Eyesores" section. You will find the link on the Home Page.

Back to better things, beyond the bridge there's a more ornamental area (because it visually links with another part or room), of the garden...

Here we have a specimen rock and a beach area with aquatic planting that's designed to be ornamental...whereas the main pool is planted totally for wildlife habitat, this area has been designed and created to blend in with a gravel garden thus it needs to be more decorative.

You will find more pictures of this seven month private project, which has numerous themed areas, later in the Index and in the "Classic Collection".

Project Redhill...here's another smaller one, newly planted so not at all..."looking like it's always been there"...well I suppose it does from this distance.

This, the Brittany Project and the next one have all been built using the same foolproof methods...perfected from twentyfive years of practice!

Project Devon...well matured and perfectly "natural"...

Project France...here's another one of the areas I referred to earlier in this chapter...it's impossible to guess what this is soon to be transformed into. So note the gates and the back wall to put the transformation into perspective.

Using around 100 tons of reclaimed granite we designed and built...

"The Sunken Garden"

Almost finished and newly planted.

Planted in the Spring...1,000's plants went into this part of the garden alone...and three French artic's delivered these and 1,000's more from the UK...all handpicked ourselves, direct from growers that we have used for years.

Project Stratford upon Avon...usually it's only the local Robin and the Blackbirds that feed on the worms that we expose...here we fed the chickens too!

A very difficult project to get (visually), right. The design and build challenge here was to create a "natural" stream that would pour through the "ugly" (the clients words), wall, but he had a point.

So I designed him a "mountain" stream to appear to "spring" out of the hillside, run through a rock garden and pour into a pool below the wall, oh, and to disguise most of the wall too!

Do you think we succeeded?

Here's the big picture for you...

Project Goole, Yorks...newly planted this simple weir, dividing the pools, provides some interest on this almost flat site