SWIMMING for SPRING 2019 (Or before if you are quick) NATURAL SWIMMING PONDS and POOLS built now at 20% OFF


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This is typical of our version of "Natural Swimming Ponds", as you can see, as with all of our water features, we do not do ORDINARY!

And being Royal Horticultural Society award winning Designers and Landscapers we know how to plant a garden and a pond too!

Not that there is anything wrong with high quality ordinary, which basically is the same shape as a normal chemical swimming pool.

Our creations are designed and created to be very naturalistic in shape as well as to look at and designed to be fun, just look at that waterfall pouring in the filtered water...imagine swimming under that on a hot day.

And as you can see we use a lot of rock (but in some cases no more than we need) to take your eye off the liners.

This was the clients Gardeners brave first steps to create them a Natural Swimming Pond

This is taken from where the waterfall was in the last image and looking back the other way!

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