LARGE FIELD and PADDOCK PONDS...New Ones Created, Old Ones De-Sludged & Renovated. Specialist Naturalistic/Wildlife Planting by Proper Gardeners with RHS Awards



If you are interested in DE-SLUDGING and RENOVATIONS, please stay with us as first we want to show you some finished work which is followed by lots of renovations...

Once a field in Brittany and now after only three years it looks like it has always been there, and that is solely down to how it was dug out., and how it was lined.

We dig them out, not just as a hole in the ground but a hole in the ground that can actually be planted to look like it belongs there. A hole in the ground that can be planted to attract wildlife not just a bleak, sterile, grass edged unplantable hole in the ground.

The most common question that we are asked is "what type of liner do you use", well that depends on what type of soil you have. Some people think because they have a wet patch of ground, all that needs to done is dig a hole and watch it fill with water, which is fine during a rainy winter but come the summer, this is what you get...

East Anglia, and the driest part of the country!

This was dug out, the clients told us by "A man with a digger, and well, he said it would hold water"...Well we answered, "how would he know, he is just a man with a digger, who knows how to dig holes"

As you can see it didn't

If you know what you are doing it is possible to create a pond (that holds it's water) in any location on any soil, IF you know what you are doing, but that comes with experience and experience comes at a cost!

But then, so does inexperience come with a cost as you can see above...

So what makes this haven for wildlife and people hold it's water all year around, and this one...

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Expertise that is all!

Our OWN staff and PARTNERS cover the UK creating specialist gardens, as well as water gardens, from various branches and bases....on this page you will find projects in Scotland, Oxford, Wales, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Wiltshire, Yorkshire, Berkshire, Cotswolds, Worcestershire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, West Midlands, Surrey, Lancashire, Lake District Cambridgeshire, Bath, Bristol, Devon and Hampshire.

WE CREATE BOTH FORMAL and NATURALISTIC SPECIALIST PONDS, WATER FEATURES and GARDENS FROM BRANCHES ACROSS THE UK...as you will see as all of the images have locations, but no problem if you live nowhere near a branch, we travel at no charge to yourselves (except overseas when a small charge is added)

AND IT'S ALL ALL OUR OWN WORK AND NOT FROM IMAGE LIBRARIES...everything you see has been Designed, Built and Planted using our own IN-HOUSE ONE STOP DESIGN, BUILD and PLANT SERVICE.

Over the decades we have designed and built 1000's of beautiful pond and water features, large and small all across the Uk and overseas too.

DEEPEST SUSSEX...This project really sums up the benefits of a "Field Pond" for wildlife, so what are we showing you?

Well a field of course! On our first meeting the client took us to her field, we asked "how much of it do you want us to use for the design"..."ALL of it" she replied.

Err ok...

So the challenge begins, first how to dig out a pond on a slope? easy just expertise again, and having done lots before.

But note if you are considering DIY a pond on a slope is like digging out two ponds, first you have to dig out a level shelf for the perfectly flat water level to sit on, then you have to dig out the pond itself, then you have to blend the higher levels in with the lower levels, naturally, so a lot of work even when you know what you are doing!

Also part of our Naturalistic design challenge, is what to do with the soil. The easy basic and cheaper way is to make industrial style banks, burns and giant mole hills...but as we do not do "industrial" we use the spoil to do Landsculpture, and in the distance you can see another digger doing just that.

The only other option is take it away by the (expensive) lorry load!


So not only did our client gain three ponds, one for fish only and two for wildlife, we also created a mini-Arboretum for her on the mounds with great grassy walkways between them, edged with ferns and wildlife attracting shrubs and grasses...and as you can see, far better than industrial spoil heaps, and all part of the service!

And what a heritage she did leave for future generations to enjoy!

So back to the ponds...

This is to be the pond on the slope that we showed you earlier. The decent soil is saved and put back again to take away the sheer sides of the hole, thus it becomes blended in with the land around it.

This pond was dug out by our large digger and then the subtle levels that are required for the pond to be planted and work naturally are finished off with a small digger like this, and next the result...

Here you see the land levels blended in with the water surface. The top of the slope has been designed to allow the soil to be just moist enough to grow bog and moisture loving plants. Whereas at the water edge it is very wet and perfect therefore great growing conditions for the marginal plants.

In the background you can see our Landscuptutre taking shape, to the right is a pile of perfectly dry soil ready to be spread for another low mound, groups of sliver birches have been planted and then underplanted with grasses, and flowing plants therefore creating a habitat for seed loving birds and butterflies

So now from an idyllic Sussex Meadow to a project involving bringing sludge filled ponds back to life filled with healthy water, wildlife and plants...here in The New Forest!

We are currently working on the De-Sludging of four "Swan Ponds", in a large private garden, yes, we know, most people have duck ponds, but this Lady collects Swans. And they haven't been cleaned out for fifteen years. So our poor long suffering men, took deep breaths and began, and found about 4' of foul smelling black sludge had to be removed! Too thick to pump, they had to cut into it, load dumpers and take it away.

But well worth it, the aggressive pair of Hopper Swans on one pond are now so happy they have stopped being aggressive!

Above we are just starting the renovation of a large Woodland Pond, in the New Forest, and yes, as our work is so specialist, we work all over the country. This pond had been dug out. by a man with his digger, with lots of dead-ends, and therefore stagnant area, as you can see, sludge and duckweed (which loves stagnant water.

So fill in the dead areas and what do you get...

Ok, well we did not achieve this just by filling in dead areas, more in the next chapter...


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For instant attention call: "Designers Direct Line"
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