STREAM and LAWN POND PROJECTS for prospective clients in North London

Part One of Ten (120 projects)

The top water fall that you see here just in front of the flat bridge above, that waterfall represents the waterfall that we will create where the stream comes through from the neighbours garden.

Then the flat stream that you see above, that is how your flat stream will appear as it comes towards your bridge

Lastly the waterfall that is at the bottom of the picture above, that is what yours would look like at the change of level just before your bridge.

As the banks of you stream are steeper than the above, we dig in large rocks either side to create planting spaces and to retain the grass on on side and the Terrace on the other, we will show you similar effects later

This is how the bottom of the stream will appear, we do this so that no liner is visible to spoil the natural effect

This is a typical waterfall with planting beside it

A combination of this and the first picture is how the bottom half of the stream would look, but not identical as with naturalistic streams they are all one-offs

A waterfall such as the above would be positioned before the culvert

Again the bottom of your stream would be finished like this to make it look 100% natural with no pumps, liner and pipes visible

This is a Lawn Pond for Goldfish, but without the figure, it would be positioned as we discussed between the Oak and the Bridge ABOVE the stream and it would have a large powerful waterfall that would be fed by the filters to keep the water clear. The waterfall would pour towards the house and we would light it up so that as well as seeing it from the house you would also hear it.

And although it would appear to pour into the stream it would be independent of the stream water

Note that it would not be this shape

As discussed we will also create a waterfall that will pour into the lower stream, that is the part of the stream that is between the bridge and the culvert.

We will build this so that it appears to be pouring out from the Lawn Pond. Why will it not actually be pouring out of the Lawn Pond? Well because the Lawn Pond has to be a separate body of clean water for the fish

Stone choices...this stone is Blue/Green Slate

This is a larger Fish Pond of a similar shape to yours again with Blue/Green/Grey Slate

This is a typical stream pouring through a garden, with waterfalls such as yours

And again in a similar style to yours

Ignore the raised pond that is for people to swim in!

This lower pond is a Lawn Pond of a similar shape to yours, although yours would be deeper than this one

The most interesting thing that it shows is a waterfall that appears to be pouring out of the upper pond into the lower, but it isn't, this is the same visual trick that we would use between your Lawn Pond and the Lower Stream...making viewers think that they where connect

Part of what yours would look like