"HORRORS and EYESORES" by SELF-STYLED "POND EXPERTS", LANDSCAPERS and "THE MAN YOU KNOW WITH A DIGGER". Here's the worst (or best) HORRORS and EYESORES, including some we've rectified...

Chapter One of Six (72 images)...Just Terrible!


The example above was created by a Landscaper, to show the quality of his work!!! WHAT???


Back to this...can you believe that someone calling himself a "NATURALISTIC POND SPECIALIST" would think this is good enough to convince potential clients that he can build you a Water Feature? All you need to do to find "SPECIALIST" Pond Builders ponds as ugly as this is search garden ponds...the latest trend is to dig a hole and make waterfalls and ponds using beach cobbles (instead of natural stone)...and they think that looks natural!

Clearly he does, which means he's a danger waiting out there somewhere..............waiting to work for you!!!

In these chapters we will be showing you WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE US, what to look for and what questions to ask...in choosing someone to build your dream and not your worst...

Nightmareeeeeee!...and yes THIS IS NORMAL. Again just look at other "Pond Experts" website pictures...piles of ugly rock like this and worse, ponds with about FIVE TONS of Scottish Beach Cobbles tipped around the edges to make it look natural!

Incidentally...the use of Scottish beach cobbles IS NOT sustainable, they really are taken off beaches, our rock is reclaimed some from Victorian Quarries

Yes, Mr "Professional Pond Builder/Landscaper" strikes again. This horror, had to be completely destroyed by us, and totally rebuilt. In other words the client paid somebody to create this, then had to pay us to destroy it and start again...even the rocks had to be dumped. And it's the rocks that you need to study, because usually that's the biggest clue to the finished product that you will get.

So, what should you look out for when choosing someone to construct your dream "natural" garden?

Well the first obvious thing to look for, is the type of rock or cobbles, that they use. The rock in these first two examples is D-I-Y rock. And it's D-I-Y rock because this is the type of rock that you buy from retail outlets, not the type of rock that is handpicked direct from the actual quarry as ours is.

So why do they, as "Professionals" use D-I-Y rock that's all the same ugly un-natural shape?

Well because, that's all they know...and it's quick and cheap to get from a Builders Merchant down the road!

WHY CHOOSE US...well here's one of ours...compare the type of rock we've used to get this completely natural look, with what you've just seen.

Next we will show you what this looked like before. But before you move on let's tell you about PRICES!

People call us and say things like, "we love your work but you look expensive"?

Well yes we are more expensive than a Landscaper/Basic Pond Builder, that phones a dealer and gets 4 tons of beach cobbles delivered by "Pallet Line"...but our features have huge amounts of detail in them, which of course is very time consuming...but it's that detail that makes them look so natural of course.

Also very time consuming is the handpicking of the rock, but again it's the rock we use that gives the 100% natural look.

Landscapers and so called "Pond Specialists" will just order a few tons of rock/cobbles on-line or from the local supplier, which is fine if that's what you want, and the Landscaper's price could be half of ours. Look at the next picture coming up and you'll see what you can get for half our price.

We have arrangements, which go back years with various small quarry owners throughout the UK that allow us to pick every piece of rock ourselves...and that's the art of creating a perfect natural looking water feature...now let's show you that typical Landscaper's pond, at half the price...

WHY CHOOSE US...well if you were being kind you'd call this a good D-I-Y attempt...unfortunately the clients paid someone, who, they said "works for a well known Aquatic Supplier" to build this for them.

And again as in the other example, they had to pay us to destroy it and do it properly.

What else should you beware of? A very common problem is a Landscape Contractor, who claims to be an "Expert in Pond Building" BUT can only show you a couple of dozen images, sometimes the same pond from different angles, we show you 1000+ pictures of past work.

And worse there's the House Builder. How many times have we heard..."our worst mistake was asking our Builder to do it".

Or..."I just mentioned to our Builder that we wanted a pond, he said HE could do ponds". Yes of course he can, and he loves using concrete and stone that he feels comfortable with. And what does he feel comfortable with? Well rocks that are brick or block shaped of course...AND plastic waterfalls!

If THEY REALLY ARE EXPERTS they will be building water gardens on a regular basis, OVER TEN YEARS AND NOT JUST STARTING OUT, and they will have pictures of HUNDREDS of different projects, as we have. Even most "Pond Specialists won't

Another clue to look for then is CONSISTENCY. On our sites you will see 1000's of examples of past work, all shapes and sizes and using different types of rock instead of tons of easy to buy Beach Cobbles for example.

So here's some guidance...if they can show you 100 to 200 different projects that are consistently good, then they DO know what they are doing.

If they can only show you two or three dozen , then beware, they are Landscapers that build ponds as a sideline, OR JUST STARTING OUT which of course is fine if you want something basic. Or if you're unlucky...something that leaks, something that shows all of the liner or something that just simply looks wrong... which will annoy you forever!

So apart from the use of very unimaginative rock what's also wrong with the example above?
One of the most important aspects of avoiding building something like this is how you dig the hole!
The hole...I can imagine you laughing...the hole, all you have to do is dig!

Well yes you do, but it's exactly HOW and WHAT you dig that's important...and again this is one of the most common mistakes that the Landscaper/Builder makes.

Above you can see the most common mistake that they make...to the left the water is at the bottom of the rock, yet to the right the liner is clearly visible ABOVE the waterline...not natural at all, what's the point of leaving the liner visible above the water! Oh and the waterfall is plastic...ok for DIY, because natural waterfalls ARE difficult to get right without years of practice, and that's why he's used plastic.

Then there's "Mr Unimaginative Landscaper - Basic Pond "Expert""...how could anybody think that this could ever have looked any good as a cascade?
But that is a dangerous mind-set, you would have to have VERY low standards of taste to think this is visually acceptable!

It's unbelievable...apart from the fact that it doesn't look even slightly "natural", it's impossible for the water to run OVER the top of them, all the water could ever do is run through the gaps and pour out below!

How could anybody imagine that using concrete railway sleepers would look ok! And EVEN leave the bolts sticking up too!

IF YOU'VE GOT A SMALL GARDEN...don't be put off by the scale of these projects: we like to say "MAJOR PROJECTS WITH EASE...SMALLER GARDENS WITH PLEASURE"!

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WHY CHOOSE US...well really, we've been asked to rectify some terrible things but this!!!

You just have to take a look at it in Chapter 4, absolutely unbelievable...and next (wait for it, it gets worse) here's the stream that goes with it...




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Our OWN staff and PARTNERS cover the UK creating specialist gardens, as well as water gardens, from various branches and bases....on these pages you will find projects in Scotland, Oxford, Wales, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Wiltshire, Yorkshire, Berkshire, Cotswolds, Worcestershire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, West Midlands, Surrey, Lancashire, Lake District Cambridgeshire, Bath, Bristol, Cornwall, Devon and Hampshire.

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Again then, if they use DIY rocks like this they DO NOT know what they are doing!

Next lets show the "Natural Stream" that matches this one...

DIY rocks but bigger!!!

How unimaginative is that stream!!! Like a double row of broken teeth...next is how we rebuilt it.

But first another very common mistake is to leave all of the liner showing, like they've done here...what's the point of trying to recreate nature and then spoiling it by allowing you to see the crinkly liner?

And NO "it won't disappear eventually", you will always see it...

But of course to hide the liner costs a lot more than just leaving it visible...just depends what you can tolerate versus what you want to pay for the extra detail!

And this is how WE changed it.

Again the work of Professional POND BUILDERS! The client left them at home building this while she went to a Garden Show...she saw our work there and immediately called them and told them to STOPPPPPPPP!

Then we were commissioned to take it apart and start again.


So what's wrong with it? For a start there's nowhere to put any plants, they would just slide down into the bottom of the pond, OBVIOUS WOULDN'T YOU THINK, but not to them...and again why would you want to see all that liner, because you couldn't possibly disguise it.

And there's not a thing you can do about it, except to start again.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE...again you will find plenty in this style, on "Pond Specialists" Websites

BUT, IF YOU STILL NEED CONVINCING WHY YOU NEED TO CHOOSE US, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS, this has to take first prize. Look carefully and you will see that the "Pond Expert" (yes this isn't DIY) has found some old stone guttering and balanced them onto each other!

I can just imagine them saying to the client who asked us to rebuild it..."wotya mean mate, looks a mess, it's not finished yet, still gotta hide the liner with a bit of gravel"

CREATING SOMETHING TO RESEMBLE NATURE TAKES ART, NATURALISTIC VISION AND THE RIGHT ROCK. BUILDING A BRICK WALL DOESNT...choose landscapers, house builders if you want an un-natural, natural water feature, choose US for AS CLOSE TO NATURE AS POSSIBLE!