100..MEDIUM to LARGE, NATURAL and FORMAL WATER GARDENS, some with moving water, some still and tranquil. Essex-York's-Kent-Surrey-Suffolk-Midlands-Wales-Devon-Edinburgh-Bath-Berks-Lanc's

Chapter One of Ten. As you can see from the above, we work all over the UK. No travelling charges and no Sub-Contractors. Full list of Branches and Staff bases on our "Home Page"...

Ref Weybridge...Note: we never show pictures of clients houses without their permission, and then only if they add to the relevance of the overall picture.

My client had a flat empty corner, perfect she thought for one of our Water Gardens, where she could sit and admire her beautiful house from a different perspective...

And here you see it being tested and almost ready for the ultimate transformation from what is really only a pile of (although beautifully put together), rock and soil...to the "Water Garden" coming up next.

The area at the front is a specialist Bog Garden...which "drinks" it's water from the main pool.

And here it is finished, and only a few days after the previous picture was taken.

Ref Suffolk.
Well you've got to start somewhere...and what looks like a bomb crater will soon be transformed...

Yes this is the same hole! In the distance you can just make out the stream that feeds it, next a close up view...

Notice how it pours out of the hillside and runs past the viewing deck, which gives my clients a perfect view of the pool, and it's reflections...but best of all the wildlife that live in the pool and the woodlands that surround it.

All perfectly natural...except it isn't, it's all manmade. There is no natural stream! The water is being pumped out of the pool.

Ref Exeter...from what you've already seen of our work this may seem pretty basic, but note the Summerhouse in the distance. Next is what it looked like before...

Very much a "Blank Canvas!"
This time to get your bearings later, remember where the circular planter is positioned. And note the curve of the hedge.

And finished, with the little planter still bottom left. The raised area is for a (yet to be delivered) Summerhouse.

And here's a view from the other direction.

The perfect curves of the Patio have been cut freehand with a grinder.