Chapter TWO of TEN


PICTURE INFORMATION...Another complete garden and pond renovation, with the old pond stripped out, a new natural rock pool created and a sitting area laid...It's time to start the planting!

Anything "specialist" we renovate, including formal, to get your bearing note the box hedge..

Looking back the other way...to get your bearings note the wall gate in the background, and the afore-mentioned box hedge...

That's better, and simply glorious...then we planted it!

People say to us "your work looks expensive", well just look at this, you simply cannot buy rock like this, first we have to find a large piece of rock and split it, you just cannot buy stone like this from a Stone/Builders Merchant!

So of course it's dearer than a Landscaper or a basic pond builder would charge, but most of the extra cost is in the time consuming attention to detail, and the rock, and how it is placed...naturally.

Landscapers and people that "specialise" in building BASIC PONDS, get ugly, un-natural looking rock, from Builders Merchants etc, down the road! We travel great distances, as with this one, halfway up a mountainside, just to get the superbly natural stone that WE use.

And of course we do not leave the liner visible, which uses EVEN more stone to hide it, and that goes back to doing Show Gardens at Chelsea where you would have no chance of winning an award if you created a "Natural Pond" and left all of the (un-natural) liner visible!

Also with the vast experience we have, we know where to find rock that can be put back together in a naturalistic and believable way. And also of course in a way that looks right and doesn't leak!

Or even more time consuming, but necessary with some rock types, is the creation of suitable rock, such as waterfall lips, as you see above, which cannot be bought from Builders and Stone Merchants.

Our staff have the skills to split stone, by hand with traditional methods...that's hammer and chisel garden stonemasonry.

Some of our projects require two or three of our staff, spending a day in a quarry picking one rock at a time, from a 1000 ton pile of rubbish, to fit the scale of the feature.

Then transporting it to the project...we recently completed a project in Northumberland, the client wanted a certain type of rock that comes from Dorset, we hand-picked direct from the quarry, 27 tons one piece at a time.

There ARE cheaper versions BUT WE DON'T DO THEM OURSELVES, such as the ones next...just imagine, sitting beside to the next one especially, shutting your eyes, thinking about how much you saved, whilst relaxing to the sound of running water...

Well, you'd want to shut your eyes wouldn't you...and this IS newly finished!

This is not a DIY job, this, the clients told us, was constructed by Landscapers while they were away!

Time to move on quick...

Our OWN staff and PARTNERS cover the UK creating specialist gardens, as well as water gardens, from various branches and bases....on this page you will find projects in Scotland, Oxford, Wales, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Wiltshire, Yorkshire, Berkshire, Cotswolds, Worcestershire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, West Midlands, Surrey, Lancashire, Lake District Cambridgeshire, Bath, Bristol, Devon and Hampshire.

The client built this much-loved pond himself many years ago, and now newly retired, its time for a makeover by experts!

So with the fish safely stored in one of our tanks, we set about clearing this and creating this...

SIMPLE...Paradise in your own Backyard!

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Here we had to remove a very amateurish but "professionally" built supposedly "natural" feature...next:

Unbelievable...the lady client called to say she had had this built and couldn't bear to look at it any longer.

The rocks are that colour because the Pond Builder had several attempts to stop it leaking and the sealer used turns the mortar and rocks yellow!

And next the stream that goes with it...

Really "Natural" don't think so!

We did manage to reclaim some of the rocks and here it is...nearly finished and ready for planting...