PICK A POND SIZE and STYLE. These natural and formal features will fit into any garden

Chapter TWO

No2/1...here we are using Cornish Slate, which we mentioned earlier. Blacks, Greys and Copper tones

Pond and Waterfalls this size: 10' x 8' is from £poa

We also "Design, Build and Plant" complete gardens, such as this one...more of this project, and it's main reason for the client contacting us, the pond, later.

No2/2...here we have created one of our "Childsafe Ponds" for child conscious Grandparents...it has deep water but it's hidden below a grid, view it again, next, from a distance, and see how well it fits into the garden.

This pond size 10' x 8' (3m x 2.4m)is £poa

IF YOU'VE GOT A SMALL GARDEN...don't be put off by the scale of these projects: we like to say "MAJOR PROJECTS WITH EASE...SMALLER GARDENS WITH PLEASURE"!

Price Range 12 x 6' smaller at 6' x 4' from £poa

All plants are guaranteed for ONE year. Workmanship and Materials for FIVE YEARS.

Wiltshire, here we used Dorset Multi Colours

Very much a "One-Off"...because of the stream...Set Price £poa including as you can see a lot of rock (6 tons) all handpicked direct, one piece at a time, to fit the scale of the project, from 1,000's of tons of rubbish at the Quarry and NOT from a Stone/Builders Merchants...

Here we've added one of our "speciality" waterfalls, fed by a little rocky stream...the prices quoted include "speciality waterfalls" but more elaborate streams such as this add to the package cost, please discuss at the design stage.

As you can see very clearly for this, we also know how to plant a garden, having many Royal Horticultural Society awards, this example won a Silver Gilt Award at The Hampton Court Flower Show, you can be assured that if we also plant your garden the horticultural effects, like our water features, will be as good as you would see at The Chelsea Flower Show where we have created THIRTEEN GARDENS to date!

Ref 2/5
Here in Wales...pond size 8' x 6' using Monmouth stone...SET PRICE for this size £poa as it has TWO natural streams feeding it.

Here you can really see the detail that we put into our Specialist Waterfalls. This example is just being filled to just below the waterfall lips to the left and right of the mossy central boulder...nature in miniature!
100% natural...that's what we do!

Please note that we work all over the UK...we have staff working in various parts of the country but if you live nowhere near one of our bases our staff stay nearby at no charge to yourselves.

Peace and calm in a West London garden...this 10' x 8' pond is £9poa

20% Off-Season Discounts APRIL ONLY

EMAIL: officeofwaterworks@yahoo.com

CALL NOW FOR A FRIENDLY INFORMED CONVERSATION WITH CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW GOLD AWARD WINNING POND DESIGNERS/BOOK A GARDEN CONSULTATION...please note that despite all our experience and high-level awards our prices have to be competitive with other high quality companies


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Creating an acid bed for Japanese Acers, next the whole finished effect...

Such a nice way to fill a boring fenced corner, and this is newly planted too!

This one is...12' x 8' at £poa. But note it takes FIVE TONS of rock to achieve this effect, with no liner and pipework showing anywhere...nature in miniature! Excludes garden plants but includes aquatic plants.

Smaller version at 6' x 4' is £poa...excludes the specialist planting...

No2/7 Wiltshire
Even smaller at £poa...8' x 6' with a small natural rock stream, excluding the planting, but including the aquatics, as they help to disguise the liner which we hate to see for this Wiltshire Courtyard Garden, but more than enough to fill the area with the gentle, relaxing sounds of trickling natural water, whilst the clients enjoyed breakfast in the morning sun!


Here we've designed a natural pond (10' x 10' at £poa as it has a large rock garden behind it) that takes a small chunk out of the sitting area in this Cotswolds Garden.

Minimum Charges...Pond Renovations from £4,000. New Ponds from £8,000. Garden Landscaping Projects from £10,000