THE CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW and others. Here you will see how we use the experience of doing 53 medal winning gardens, to design and build very special water features and gardens for our clients...

Chapter One of Seven.

20% OFF NOW...AND NOW TO THE PICTURES...this is one of my "Show Gardens" at The Chelsea Flower Show...I was supposed to be having a year off!
But, I was asked to step in at the last minute by the Royal Horticultural Society to fill a very large space...with only three weeks to prepare!
They were so impressed that they brought the Queen along to have a look, after being told the story...she said "WELL DONE"...and that for the Queen is saying a lot!

To exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show and others, on this scale, to DESIGN, BUILD and PLANT Show Gardens (including TWELVE at CHELSEA) that have won FIFTY THREE AWARDS including TWENTY GOLD MEDALS is the hardest gardening challenge that could possibly be undertaken (but an amazing experience), unless of course you think you have a greater challenge for us?

The rock, the methods and the plants that we use to produce GOLD MEDAL winning water features and gardens at The Chelsea Flower Show and all of the other shows for that matter, are the same that I use for ALL of our projects, the same that we use day in and day out...IN OUR CLIENTS GARDENS!

You might also be interested to know that the picture above of our Show Garden was used in the SAINSBURY'S 2006 calendar, as well as dozens of other books and greetings cards.

I suppose some of you will be thinking, how is this pretty picture relevent to them doing something for me, it's much too large for me?
Well that's a good question...with an easy answer. Ignore the size, just look at the style. The web site has masses of smaller features using this same type of stone, just smaller pieces of stone in smaller holes!

Also it's about being as close to natural perfection as possible. By doing exhibition gardens we HAVE TO learn how to be perfect, well, as perfect as possible.

Perfect construction. Perfect design. Perfect plants...otherwise you don't win a gold medal, although perhaps we should add, you CAN be NEAR perfect and still win one!

So really it goes without saying that we carry that perfection on, into clients water gardens and features. And as we say, we CAN create larger or smaller VERSIONS, so ignore the scale, large or small, it's a style, our own style that we just scale up or down to fit the space, YOUR space.

We can also create something IDENTICAL to what you'll see in this section. Different planting maybe, because what you see above and later, is just for the moment, for the most important, most difficult, most challenging show in the world...The Chelsea Flower Show.

CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW...Gold Medal with Exhibitor and part of a much larger exhibit (can't remember which year but probably 1994...

CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW 1998. Gold Medal, "The Quarryman's Garden" Co-Designed with Marney Hall (100% built by us)...for Butterfly Conservation, and (this style of very natural rockwork) this is what we can do in your garden too, on whatever scale!



HAMPTON COURT PALACE FLOWER SHOW GARDEN...entitled: "THE GARDEN at POOH CORNER"? and later you'll see why!

Winner of another double Royal Horticultural Society GOLD MEDAL and TUDOR ROSE for BEST in SHOW...for Marney Hall

Another at HAMPTON COURT again for ourselves. This time a big, fat: SILVER GILT award!