PERFECT PAVING...artistic as you can be with a slab of stone! Always laid onto a bed of mix, NEVER just on a base of hardcore, sand and mortar blobs, hence our "no sinkage guarantee" of FIVE YEARS!


A SPECIALIST PATH, please note, this is a very large project, but don't be put off, by the scale if you only want a small garden transforming...most of our work is carried out in modest gardens, and if you keep clicking forwards you will find projects of all sizes...

CHANNEL ISLAND PROJECT...we work all over the UK, Off-Shore and Overseas, out of various Branches and Bases (list on Home Page if you missed it)...but even if you live nowhere near a base, we travel without charge to yourselves (except overseas), with our staff staying in the local Bed and Breakfasts.

Now the work...Guarantees:
ALL WORKMANSHIP IS GUARANTEED FOR FIVE this case that's sinkage and the pointing breaking up. To be able to give guarantees that long we use tried and tested methods that we have used for 25+ years!

Paths like this are very specialist...first we mark the curves out on the ground, then we lay the slabs uncut, then we draw by eye the shape of the curve onto the slabs, then again by eye we cut the curve with a grinder. That is the only way to achieve a finish like this.

This is a large garden, that we created on the Island of Jersey.

Please note...we undertake work in ALL sizes of gardens for all sizes of budgets.

The clients engaged us as there were no Landscapers on the island that had the skills to create what they wanted, (that's a complete garden with a specialist pond and fully planted) those are the clients words.

So next is what we started with...

What you might call a very "Blank Canvas", perched on a clifftop...

------------------------------------------------------------Please note, being specialist Design and Build Landscapers, we work and travel all over the UK, with no travelling charges...we have staff working in various parts of the country (see Home Page) but if you live nowhere near one of our bases our staff stay nearby, again at no charge to yourselves!

For the technically minded...It took two years to dynamite and dig out the ledge that the house is sitting on. And the stone (Jersey basically is a lump of granite) was used to build the house, recycling at it's best!

To the left, behind the house, you can see the original level of the cliff...

We like to design in curves, that way you cannot see everything at you can see, the whole garden can be walk around and enjoyed along meandering paths.

We also do formal (straight paths)...more of that style later.


For instant attention call: "Designers Direct Line"
07970 309 165 (7 days 8 to 8)
or Office Hours Only 0800 91 98 33

For almost instant attention:
or use the "ENQUIRY FORM" on the Home Page

All plants are guaranteed for ONE year. Workmanship and Materials for FIVE YEARS.

So please give us a call, and take advantage of the remaining spaces...we would love to work for you.


Here we have The Patio leading to a Viewing Area, connected by another curving path...and what a view!

Which passes by the specialist natural rock fish pond...

We design everything in house, we have our own team of "Specialist Designers"...and we design what we build and build what we design!

That way no confusion, no need to pay another Garden Designer to oversee the work...easy "One -Stop" Service...using our complete, in house, "Design and Build Service"

Our Designers and Gardeners have designed, built and planted dozens of ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY award winning gardens, including FOURTEEN CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW GARDENS (Eleven Gold Medals).

We designed the garden to be terraced, to add interest and also to raise the soil depth above the bedrock.

Terracing is achieved by specialist "dry stone" effect walls of natural stone, giving us a visually consistent feel throughout the garden...

To get your bearing...note the sloping pillar to the left, and the central manhole cover...

And there's the manhole now in soil that will soon be a lawn and a shrub bed...

MORE OF THE JERSEY PROJECT below the discount information

Looking back the other way, there's the shrub bed and the manhole is disguised with the cobbles and gravel.

And here's another path curving off into the distance...same style, laid square, curves drawn by hand onto both sides, cut by hand and in this case edged with a lovely, low retain wall, giving us yet another dimension in the garden.

A cheaper way to lay a path, can just be seen bottom right, here we have laid stepping a stepping stone path into the turf, just to add some variety, paths laid like this can be easily mowed over.

Next, in a totally different setting, here's some "straight" formal paths...

In this SCOTTISH project we are creating a "FORMAL SUNKEN GARDEN"...the central feature here is a pond which will have a "MONARCH of the GLEN" bronze stag as the focal point.

Here we have designed four straight paths leading from the four corners of a square, with a fifth path leading to a sitting area, for the clients to sit and look back towards the house...which we cannot show for security reasons!

Please click forwards to see more in the NEXT chapter...