People ask..."DO YOU DO SMALL GARDENS...I don't live in a Mansion"? Yes, we do them every week! Here's at least 50 past Water Features for Patio's and Lawns etc...

Chapter One of Five...Before and After

Is this small enough!


"Small doesn't mean cheap"? As you will see in the next image...we do not do Pre-Moulded Ponds and Plastic Waterfalls Lips.

Minimum Charge for Small Pond renovation is from 4.000.

Small New Build Ponds 6' x 4' is from 6/8.000

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Not cheap?...That's because small is complex and has to be full of detail to make it look right so, here's an image of how it looked before...there was this little hole in the Patio which had been a "Water Feature"...

Then we created this.

This is the view that our client gets from her Breakfast Table!

The scale is sometimes difficult to see...so here's David, on the "Beach", giving it a final clean. The deeper water area of 24", is below the waterfall.


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Finished, Planted and full of detail...

Raised Formal Pool using White Limestone...awaiting a statue for the strangely empty round central base. Newly planted so looking somewhat stark but very soon the plants will soften the edges.

Here's a bare patch just waiting to be transformed. Only a very slight rise, but remember the last one...that was on completely flat land too...it's the planting that disguises the fact that it was artificially raised.

Some people create huge problems for themselves. The art is to know the best place to position it...somewhere that allows you to blend it into the rest of the space.

And done! Just a pile of rock really, until that is, you plant it.
In this one the clients wanted to plant it themselves so I can't show you what it looks like "dressed up".
To give you the scale...this pond is only about 9'x7' but we can do them as small as 3' x 2'.

Positioned near to the house it allows you to enjoy it close at hand. And when attached visually to a Patio, the two become one!

The only thing that will remain for you to remember, is the cartwheel and the tree...

The client's dream was to come home from school and dip her feet (for an hour or so), in the cool water.

So we created a fixed rocky beach for her to paddle, and up the stream we placed a rock for her to sit on with the cool water running over her feet, whilst surrounded by dense planting!

Just a point about general Garden Design, notice the gap in the hedge in the background...simple but very effective, it leads you on to a what we call a "borrowed view".

And there's lots more pictures in the following chapters...